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A phobia is an irrational and excessive fear in regard to a particular thing. Some of the most common phobias are:

Phobias and Fears
• fear of Public Speaking
• fear of Heights
• fear of Flying
• fear of Driving or Bridges or Freeways
• fear of Death
• fear of Long Words
• fear of Spiders
• fear of Snakes
• fear of Germs
• fear of Needles or Injections or Blood
• fear of Medical or Dental procedures
• Fear of Dogs
• (For fear of social situations see my separate page on “social phobia”)

Someone experiencing a phobia feels fear, anxiety, or stress. They often report shortness of breath, racing or pounding heart, hot or cold flashes, becoming sweaty, nauseous, panicky, shaky, or dizzy. Some people have feelings of unreality or feel detached. Often there is a fear of losing control or going crazy or dying.

Exposure Therapy
Imagine if instead you could feel calm, relaxed, confident and at ease. With my combination of talk therapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) you can. I have helped many clients overcome their fears and phobias quickly and easily. People who have used EFT on phobias report feeling comfortable, happy, and often forgot to feel afraid at all. It just simply didn’t occur to them. For instance, clients who had to have someone drive them to my office because of their intense fear of driving have left after one session and drove themselves home. It is possible! It does not matter how long you have had your fear or how intense it is – the process works the same. Thousands of people worldwide have used EFT to get over their phobias. If this interests you, please call or email me (619-787-2743 or ).

You do not need to suffer through Exposure Therapy, which, unfortunately, is currently the most common form of treatment. EFT is far more efficient and far less painful. There is no need to grit your teeth and force yourself to suffer as you expose yourself to your phobia step by step. You do not need to learn relaxation exercises or how to talk yourself out of your fears. On the other hand, you won’t lose your natural caution – for example, someone who overcomes a fear of heights won’t get so close to the edge of a tall building that they fall off. You will still have your natural and healthy sense of what is safe.

I cannot promise it will only take one session because sometimes related issues come up as we progress, though one session is enough for most clients to get past their specific phobias. However, if for instance, you have traumatic memories related to your fear, we will need to heal a few of those first (though usually healing 2-3 such memories is enough). Using the same combination of talk therapy and EFT, we can heal traumatic memories quickly, effectively and relatively painlessly. (See my webpage on trauma).

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