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Susannah Muller,
M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy,
J.D., UCLA School of Law

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Leading Edge Integrative Therapy

Does any of this sound familiar?
You often feel like you’re not good enough. You want to change, but don’t know how. You think there must be something wrong with you. You worry that you’ll look foolish or be rejected in social situations. You experience panic and fear that stops you from doing what you need and want to do.

You know what changes you want to make, but somehow you can’t seem to make them stick. Looking back, you can see you’ve been sabotaging yourself. You feel like you’ll never get past that horrible stuff that happened. You think you’re too weak, not strong enough to move on.

Or maybe one of these hits home?
You get overwhelmed by your emotions. You find yourself relying too much on alcohol or marijuana to unwind or deal with stress. You snap in anger, only to regret it later.

You expect yourself to be perfect and anything less feels like a failure. You feel ashamed or guilty and feel a need to hide.

You just can’t deal with that certain person, who makes you feel crazy, like you’re walking on eggshells, and like you’re always at fault no matter what you do.

You’re going through a difficult time and feel like you’re on your own. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is against you.

Don’t lose hope. I can help you.
You want to feel peace and happiness. You want to go through your day feeling confident and at ease. You want to be able to deal with difficult people and situations easily, without it ruining your day (or week, or month…). You want to feel good about yourself and hopeful about the future. You want to leave the past in the past. Good news – this can become true for you, though it may be hard to see now.

Let’s be clear -- I’m not saying you’ll be in bliss 24/7. But I am saying you can get much better, and feel much happier, much more of the time. I have helped many people in my practice, with all sorts of issues like those listed above.

I use an integrative approach that utilizes the latest proven methods and the proven older approaches of creating emotional strength and healing. And it works. The research proves it.

Psychotherapy + Energy Psychology
(including EFT, aka “Emotional Freedom Technique” or “Tapping”)
= Strong Emotional Health

Mind-Body-Spirit Healing that Lasts.
More specifically, my approach, Leading Edge Integrative Therapy, blends cutting edge Energy Psychology (“EP”) techniques, such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Applied Kinesiology / Muscle Testing, etc., with proven talk therapy methods, creating Mind-Body-Spirit Healing and deep, lasting, positive change.

It really works – I see the amazing progress my clients make every day in my practice and the research backs that up.

Considered "evidence based" therapy due to the over 100 published scientific studies in peer-reviewed journals, including 4 meta-analyses, showing its effectiveness, EP is the cutting edge method of therapists. (See this link for information on the research: Energy Psychology Research).

Leading Edge Integrative Therapy is holistic, taking into account the mind-body connection. It speeds up my clients’ process whether it's healing emotional wounds, boosting self-esteem, overcoming phobias or panic, or dealing better with stress or difficult people, situations or emotions. It not only relieves symptoms, but it more importantly, digs to the root causes of your Anxiety and Depression or other struggles and eliminates those roots that can cause it to come back, time after time.

As a trained and experienced psychotherapist, I can see that holistic healing works best for psychotherapy – that is, using talk therapy plus the mind-body connection (through EFT) is by far the fastest and least painful way to get over distressing or negative memories / thoughts / feelings. I have created a therapy style that blends energy healing and traditional talk therapy. It works. My clients “get over” their issues quickly and move on with more confidence and more joy.

In the case of trauma, I also employ Matrix Reimprinting, which uses and builds on EFT (“Emotional Freedom Technique”) for effective, empowering yet gentle healing from traumatic events. Research has shown that EFT is as good as or better than Hypnosis, CBT (“Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”) and EMDR for trauma and PTSD treatment. I personally believe, Matrix Reimprinting which uses EFT and adds more to it, is the best treatment method for trauma out there.

Customized Treatment for Each Individual Client.
I customize my approach with each individual client, using a combination of my intuition and years of experience. I draw from the various EP methods as well as from traditional methods such as CBT (“Cognitive Behavior Therapy”), Coherence Therapy (Coherence Therapy) , Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology (Positive Psychology) and other proven approaches as needed to meet each client's needs and style.

I'm an informal person, low on psychobabble and high on compassion. I always strive to help my clients heal as quickly as possible and to feel confident and empowered. My clients tell me they find me warm, easy to talk with, and nonjudgmental.

If you have any questions or are interested in making an appointment, please call me at: 619-787-2743 or email me at

More about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or “Tapping.”
EFT is a process of tapping on certain acupuncture points on the body, which relaxes the mind and body even while you are focused on an emotional issue. More specifically, we have learned from research studies mapping the brain and tracking chemicals in the body, we know that by tapping on meridian points, the body send electric signals to the brain, which changes how the neurons are firing, which changes what chemicals are being released. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter known for being anti-depressant, and GABA, a neurotransmitter known for being anti-anxiety are released. Furthermore, it reduces cortisol, which is called the stress hormone is pumped into your body when you are upset or stressed. The overall effect of these changes is that it relaxes your mind and body and it releases the emotional charge on an issue. This makes it much easier to deal with whatever has been upsetting you.

What that means is that, once the EFT tapping process is complete on an issue, that issue will no longer bother you. You will feel in control again. You will be free of the negative emotional charge, yet able to remember the event easily. You may find that your perspective has shifted and that you see the event/person/memory differently, more clearly and objectively. If that event has been damaging your self-esteem, without even realizing it, your self-esteem will heal itself as the negative memory/event/person fails to cause you pain anymore. Through this process, chronic depression can lift, chronic anxiety can be eased and low self-esteem can become high self-esteem.

For more information about EFT, see the links to the left of this page.

Advantages of EFT:
  • Rapid relief from distressing emotions: anger, guilt, frustration, sadness, etc.
  • No pills or chemicals or related side effects
  • No needles
  • You can test it for yourself without negative consequences
  • It is easy to learn
  • It only takes minutes to use
  • It does not matter how long you have had the distressing emotion
  • It does not matter how intense the distressing emotion is
  • The relief lasts long term

Susannah Muller, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #49050
San Diego Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
5230 Carroll Canyon Rd., Suite 316, San Diego, CA 92121
(619) 787-2743

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